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Sun-kissed label Sun-kissed label
Kölsch-style Ale

Our take on a classic style but with a twist. After a good dose of authentic Köln yeast underpinned with good German malts, we added a massive helping of Lemon Drop hops late in the whirlpool. Brilliantly clear yellow-gold with a mousse-like head in the glass, expect delicate aromas of stone fruit, pear & lemon zest on the nose with moderate biscuit-like notes. Palate is clean, smooth & malty hinting at bitterness for a soft, complex hybrid ale. Fermented cool and cold-conditioned for two weeks, it's refreshingly drinkable in the sun or anywhere you need #goodbeer.

ABV: 5.1%
Available November through January on tap at McLeod's Pizza Barn & other fine independent spots around New Zealand.