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Red Sour Ale bottle Red Sour Ale label
Red Sour Ale
Pinot Noir Barrique Aged

The second release from our sour barrel program began as a Red Saison before we added a mixed culture of bacteria and selected yeasts. It was then tucked away in retired Pinot Noir barriques from Marlborough for over a year. Expect bright red fruit, lemon and complex spice on the nose with soft funk from the yeast expression. On the palate, smooth-yet-intense sourness opens to rich malt, caramel, oak and earthy complexity. The finish is long and complex. Drink now or tuck into your cellar - this beer should age well for years to come.

ABV: 6.6%
Part of the Smugglers Bay Collection available exclusively in 500 ml bottles, April 2018.